Creative Marketing Plans for the Future.

Creative-Marketing-Plans-for-the-FutureTime to get CREATIVE when marketing your company. The days of classified ads in a newspaper are dead. Even ads on TV are way too expensive to advertise for the average company.

So its time to get your ads seen by hundreds or even thousands of people who are out doing normal everyday things. This isn’t a new concept from a business perspective. However it is new in the model we use.

Imagine for a moment you’re a business owner and maybe you really are. Now imagine that you are taking a Saturday to shop for a new car. Got the image in your mind?

The last time I purchased a car was February 21, 2020 and from my experience I was sitting in the car dealership for right at 4 hours going through the paperwork and financing process.

Now imagine that you are looking at a TV showing the weather or local news feed while you’re waiting and your ad pops up with it showing your business. Now imagine the people around you looking at the ad and jotting down your contact information to call you for your services.

That is the creativity we are talking about here at iMobile Edge. You might think that an ad like that is expensive and you’d be right with other companies but with us you can have an ad like that for just $25 per month per location it is displayed in.

You can have multiple ad slots in one location. Your ad will show 1 time per hour for however many hours the location is open. Giving you real world views from people who are watching the screen. You can buy as many ad slots as you want for $25 each per month.

This makes our service the most affordable advertising service for any business type. We don’t just show random ads either we try to pair your ad with a host location/business that compliments your business for example.

If you have a business that sales vehicle insurance then we would pair your ad with all locations that have to deal with the automotive industry such as car dealerships and any other business types that has waiting room services.

You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to get your business see by local people who are looking for a business to solve a problem they have. Check out the rest of our site and contact us if we can help you in any way.


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